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Innovative, data-driven construction claims analysis and near real-time business insight consultancy.

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When it comes to harnessing the potential of construction information, we make the complex appear simple.


Adjudication Services Consultancy

See how we can lift the burden of construction claims from your business with a comprehensive solution, from traditional claims services dealing with loss and expense, to state-of-the-art business tools giving you real-time updates at your fingertips when and where you need it. Our Adjudication services throughout London and the home counties has been established since 2003.

Our team will work with you to make a bespoke claims analysis package that fits your business needs.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Insightful - With over 30 years' experience in the construction industry, we believe we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of those active in this arena (from business owners and commercial directors to quantum experts and lawyers) and moreover, a strong grasp of the daily challenges they face. Our clients encounter the same problems all too regularly, with similar issues arising from project to project. Our aim is to utilise our expertise to mitigate and ideally, prevent such issues arising in the first place.

Innovative - In the last few years, we have actively sought to move away from more traditional methods in favour of cutting-edge technology, which both captures and analyses our clients' data. This allows for a fully comprehensive overview of a company's business, often highlighting patterns and trends not visible through the employment of traditional construction management tools and techniques. We call this digital quantitative and quality analysis process QUA2.

Having near real-time information at your fingertips, in an accessible and user-friendly format, allows a company to make informed, swift decisions resulting in improved practices and ultimately, increased profitability. It also puts our clients in the best position to defend themselves, in the event of an unavoidable claim.

Integrity - This is a key component at the heart of everything we do. We believe that transparent and honest collaboration with our clients is vital if we are to ultimately realise their aims and goals.


Justin is an early adopter of ground breaking technology. He has good vision of how he could use tools and technology to benefit his industry and drive his business. On top of all that he is a very friendly guy.

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Leading the development of advanced business intelligence solutions in construction

We are passionate advocates for the adoption of new technology to reveal better and more profitable ways of working in the construction industry

Corporate Responsibility

We are choosing to support Homeless Oxfordshire because they, like many in the construction industry, also build homes, just not with physical bricks and mortar! Through the combination of guidance and the provision of a wide range of different types of accommodation, Homeless Oxfordshire enable people to learn how to manage a tenancy, have improved self-esteem, a more positive self-identity and gain the skills that will allow them to move on. Ultimately, living and succeeding with greater independence.

Interested in getting involved too? Why not join the Homeless Oxfordshire book club. By joining you can help someone to start a new chapter in their life. Reading has many benefits for us all, the chance to escape our reality for a little time improves both mental health and wellbeing. By joining you can help someone to start a new chapter in their life (and all for less than the price of a coffee and a croissant!)