Adjudication Services

Adjudication is a fast and can be a relatively inexpensive alternative to lengthy, costly court and Arbitration proceedings, taking 28 days to resolve from the submission of the referral document. Adjudication is an interim dispute resolution process, and it is often the recommended first step in the case of a construction dispute. Furthermore, if the terms of adjudication are not set out in the contract, the term is implied, meaning that an adjudication process is imposed by statute. 

Why choose 53Quantum for your adjudication case?

With over 20 years dealing with dispute resolution in the construction industry we are well placed to give professional, knowledgeable advice on your situation. We have been involved in a wide range of adjudications, dealing with all aspects of quantum. From groundwork accounts, mechanical and electrical works, to interior fit-out to name a few, we will probably have involved in something very similar over the past 20 years.

We can also work alongside your legal representatives to provide the analysis required, whilst keeping you informed at all steps of the process.

When might adjudication be required?

  • Loss and expense claims
  • Construction delays
  • Contra-charges
  • Breach of contract 
  • Non-payment of monies owed generally

If you would like advice on how to proceed with an adjudication, or you would like further information on any aspect of construction dispute, please get in touch.