Construction Business Intelligence

So much of your business is tied up in data, yet how can you optimise insights without the backing of a large data analytics team?

Luckily, new developments in data reporting and analysis are making it easy to put your finger on the exact information you need interactively and in real-time. 

Imagine wanting to know exactly how resources are being used across your construction site in order to increase efficiency and reduce losses. You may have all the data you need to do this, but in several systems across several formats and data owners: a daunting task to address. 

Transforming your attitude to your construction business data

At 53Quantum we take your data and transform it into user-friendly, secure visualisations that give you confidence to make evidence-based decisions about your business. 

A big development in data reporting is the introduction of self-service BI, allowing users to customise and build their own reports without the need to for large IT departments or BI professionals on site. Through the introduction of natural language in data analysis and reporting, it has never been easier to allow your workforce to access key business information at the right time without specialist BI training.

Dashboards designed with your business in mind

Dashboards are the backbone of new BI solutions, and we work with the leading BI software to bring you interactive, real-time – and most importantly user friendly – dashboards bespoke to your business needs. Whether it’s reporting on financials, construction site layout and resource use or project goals, 53Quantum can work with you to fit your data needs. 

Well-integrated BI has the power to transform how construction projects are managed and bring huge gains in efficiency; 53Quantum are passionate about driving forward the construction industry’s relationship with data through the power of BI.

With our experience working with our partners, we can implement a business intelligence platform that allows you to view your key business metrics on the job site or on in the office. This will enable your organisation to stop guessing and start making better decisions using near real time information.

Get in touch to find out how we can turn your company in a data driven organisation.