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Construction Claims Analysis

Construction claims are often very messy; they frequently involve numerous parties (contractors, subcontractors), complex timescales and contractual regulations that require time and detailed knowledge of the industry to unpick. They also often involve large sums of money and represent a significant business investment for all involved. Making sure that you have collected all relevant information, in an accessible format, is a vital step in resolving construction disputes in your favour. 

Once you have amassed all the information relevant to your claim, the chances are you’ll find you have missing data, systems that refuse to communicate with each other and different file types and data collection methods. This is, more often than not, the reality when working with construction data. 

Luckily, significant advances in data preparation software and our investment in technology have allowed us to simplify workflows, allowing us to combine information across platforms with ease. Bringing these advances to the construction industry is a step change in how we deal with complex claims and the insights that we can draw from your data. 

Combining detailed knowledge of the construction industry, with advances in information technology, puts us at an advantage in presenting your case robustly, improving your chances of a successful outcome.

We are a leader in the area of complex construction data analysis, so get in touch to see how we can help move your business forward.

Construction Data Collection

It is more important than ever that your organisation collects the correct site data at the right time. Ensuring that this is all received, correctly structured and securely stored so that it complies with General Protection Data Rules (GDPR) is a tall order. 
Paper records are too easily lost, illegible or missing important information.
Our experience shows that although many businesses retain the all-important data, it’s often hard to locate and difficult to access. Requiring lots of data wrangling and reformatting, costing you time, money, and hassle that you don’t want in the middle of a claims dispute. 
And since insights are only as good as the data you have, it’s vital to collect critical data in a form that’s ready for interrogation as and when you need it. Saving you time, especially when digitally converting paper documents, such as delivery dockets, sub-contractor reports and receipts.

Construction Data Preparation

Construction industry data is often messy, incomplete and rarely in a usable format.
Coupled with our experience as construction claims consultants across London and beyond, our innovative data extraction software will do most of the heavy-lifting, cleaning and formatting of your site data for you – transforming your data into usable, insightful information.  
Knowing what data to capture during a project is fundamental, but it’s often not always clear from the start. It’s only when disputes arise that managers fret and hunt for the required data. 
Should you be in the unfortunate position of a future claims dispute, having the right data to hand, and in an easily accessible format, significantly reduces the costs associated with a satisfactory resolution. 
Our extensive experience of construction claims, their causes and their successful resolution allow us to advise on what data to track, how to capture it and best practice in its storage.

Construction Data Analysis

Traditional ways of analysing data make it difficult and time-consuming to generate useful comparative analysis and insights. Our intuitive software tools, together with our experience, makes this job quick, easy and straightforward. 
The ability to test the consequences of different business decisions responsively delivers the insights demanded by a modern construction business.
Implementing a joined-up data capture and interpretation system allows almost real-time analysis and a significant reduction in management risk. The data feeds into easily understood dashboards, explicitly designed for you and your management team, keeping you informed of the performance of your project as it happens.

Bespoke Claims Analysis

By using innovative tools, we can prepare your data and enhance its traceability to identify problems with the underlying calculations, something that is often critical to the satisfactory resolution of claims disputes. 
Our bespoke claims analysis service allows you to explore large quantities of data quickly and clearly, securely hosted for appraisal by all relevant stakeholders and can – subject to your permissions – allow them to collaborate, iterate and test their ideas, offering significant benefits compared with traditional ways of working.

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