Contra Charges

Unfortunately, the completion of a works on site is rarely the end of financial disputes. It frequently heralds the start of claims for contra charges before the final account, which can run in to the tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Claims can drag on for many months and be a significant drain on your time and finances resources. 

Disputes can arise from a range of circumstances, such as defective work or even clearing up site rubbish. Disputes of this nature can be tedious and require a thorough understanding of the various positions of the disputing parties. For example, were you notified in advance? Given the opportunity to rectify or respond? Is there proof of responsibility and, if there is, is there adequate evidence of the costs incurred?

Contractors and sub-contractors will be very familiar with scenarios that lead to contra charges, or set off, being applied by the employer or main contractor, yet provision for these is often not well covered by the contract.

We can help at all stages of your dispute, from advising on best practice in drafting contracts, ensuring that a charge that has been brought is allowable under the contract, to putting our expertise to work for you to resolve your dispute.

At 53Quantum our specialist knowledge in construction projects, construction law and contract negotiation is invaluable if you find yourself hit with a contra charge or set off claim. 

We’ll assess all information relevant to your case and to help bring a successful outcome to your claim. 

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