Interesting Facts About Apple Campus

During the last two years of Steve Jobs’ life, alongside  Continue Reading »

January 13, 2020
10 of the Top Construction Projects in the World

Human societies have always looked to build the biggest and  Continue Reading »

October 9, 2019
Not Construction Related but it’s a Fun Dataset

This is recent Makeovermonday regarding attendance figures

February 6, 2019
Learning new skills

I’ve been working on some new data visualisations in Tableau

February 6, 2019
Making the latetst ONS Construction Output Data Insightful

This interactive visualisation looks at the previous 8 Years value of work

February 6, 2019
They are never too far away

My first Makeovermonday effort (one Monday some weeks ago!)

February 6, 2019
Creating quick Visulisations and Analysis

This is a short video that I made a year or 2 ago using Tableau

February 6, 2019
Data Analytical skills and the use of agile Software within the Water Industy

As a quantity surveyor with twenty years’ experience,

February 4, 2019