Claims Analysis

Anyone who’s been involved in construction, and moreover disputes, will know that the number of disagreements that, at their root, relate to the interpretation of information is vast.


Data Building to Visualise

As the old adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words and our aim is to simplify the analysis of your information, by producing visual, interactive representations for you to explore and better understand your out-turn. By using recognised good practice for the data analysis, we can develop tools that enable rich, meaningful and engaging analytsis of your business data that, importantly, are easily understood by your company’s managers and staff. We are frequently able to unearth patterns and insights from the data that are obscured when using the more traditional management tools and techniques used in construction.

Constructing Insightful Feedback

Our claims analysis service aims to minimise your exposure to financial risk by using our
extensive knowledge of both the causes of disputes and by using leading business intelligence tools to provide rich, meaningful cost analysis. Our aim is to not only assist in
current claims but also to provide your business with significantly greater insight into the root causes of financial claims in the construction industry. Our goal is to highlight areas ripe for efficiency gains and significantly reduce the financial risk associated with your next construction project, big or small.

Tools For Innovation

By using innovative solutions we can prepare your data and enhances its traceability to identify problems with the underlying calculations, something that is frequently critical in the satisfactory resolution of claims disputes. Our experience in the construction industry, coupled with our use of innovative methods and tools, makes our service uniquely valuable to decision-makers in the construction business.

Fast Analysis, Scalable Tools

We provide a bespoke service that allows rapid exploration of the large quantities of data generated by the modern construction project. The out-turn analysis can be securely hosted for appraisal by all relevant stakeholders and can – subject to your permissions - allow them to collaborate, iterate and test their ideas, offering significant benefit over other ways of working.


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